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Stumble Guys

Kitka Games
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Descrição de Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer knockout game in which up to 32 online players race, fight, and challenge each other to claim the title of last man standing. We are talking about a game with very fast-paced gameplay, colorful cartoonish designs, a lot of customization options, and a massive crowd of players from all over to world joining in on the fun! A whole vibrant universe awaits when you download Stumble Guys onto your Android device.

The gameplay and dynamics in Stumble Guys are pretty simple and easy to understand, which only adds to the entertainment. As we would expect from a massive multiplayer knockout party game, you’ll find yourself, along with 31 other players, in a world of obstacles and hurdles across different levels. The goal of every player is the same, though it may depend on the level in question. Sometimes all players are racing to be the first to finish, but in other cases it’s all about staying alive. Stumble Guys is a constant surprise in many senses, but the way they keep adding new levels with unique challenges is just outstanding.

All these challenges are presented in the form of different levels, and every time you overcome one, you’ll progress to the next with a smaller group of competitors. One of the best things about Stumble Guys is how quick each game is; composed of only 3 or 4 levels and with really fast loading times, it means that each game should only last a few minutes.... even if you survive until the grand finale! Although Stumble Guys wouldn’t qualify as an addictive Android game, for sure you’ll want to play another one of these quick games one right after the other. The fun starts right after downloading Stumble Guys —with such simple mechanics, you’ll learn everything you need to know to deep dive into the chaos in a minute.

Controlling your character in Stumble Guys is as easy and simple as we need it to be in a game optimized for mobile devices. Played in landscape position, you’ll move your character with a left-hand side joystick, while you use the right-hand side button to carry out actions. The first click is for jumping, but by touching this button again you’ll see your little friend diving forward to reach even further. Apart from running, jumping, and diving, our characters carry out other simple actions like sliding, but this will always depend on the surface we’re on, which is part of the fun!

Another reason to download Stumble Guys on your Android device is the high level of customization it offers. The options to make your own unique avatar are almost endless. From outfits to emotes, and even skin tones, Stumble Guys makes it possible for every one of us to truly express who we are and feel comfortable in the race. Make sure you choose something that makes you stand out and clearly sends the correct champion message!

In terms of graphics, Stumble Guys brings us a world full of colorful but simple graphics. This simplicity makes all our moves and actions very smooth on every screen, which is very important when avoiding obstacles! With a very clean background and bright colors, every other player, obstacle, and challenge will be crystal clear, even on the smallest mobile screens.

With over 100,000,000 downloads from all over the world, Stumble Guys is the favorite option for both social players and lone wolves in the Android gaming universe. So make sure you download it now to start your race to success!

Stumble Guys - Versão 0.45.2

Outras versões
NovidadesWhat's new in version 0.45.1:NEW LEVEL: Rush Hour map gets your retro gaming fix Celebrate Lunar New Year with new themed content New Stumblers, Emotes, Animations, and Footsteps New feature updates and bug fixes

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Boa aplicação garantidaEsta aplicação passou no teste de segurança contra vírus, malware e outros ataques maliciosos e não contém nenhuma ameaça.

Stumble Guys - Informação APK

Versão APK: 0.45.2Pacote: com.kitkagames.fallbuddies
Compatibilidade com Android: 6.0+ (Marshmallow)
Programador:Kitka GamesPolítica de Privacidade:https://scopely.com/privacyQ42022/Permissões:11
Nome: Stumble GuysTamanho: 138 MBTransferências: 514.5KVersão : 0.45.2Data de lançamento: 2023-02-04 17:56:14Ecrã mínimo: SMALLCPU Suportado:
ID do Pacote: com.kitkagames.fallbuddiesAssinatura SHA1: ED:C4:01:75:4B:19:05:11:6F:47:59:96:EA:9F:B2:E3:25:37:3C:59Programador (CN): AndroidOrganização (O): Google Inc.Localização (L): Mountain ViewPaís (C): USEstado/Cidade (ST): California
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